Huicheng Chien, Ph.D. student
Steven Knapp, M.A. student
Mike Loranty, Ph.D. student
Sudeep Samanta, Ph.D. candidate
Patricia Trawinski, Ph.D. candidate
Douglas E. Ahl, Ph.D., 2002; Current position: Research Associate
Sean N. Burrows, Ph.D., 2002; Current position: Manager/owner of Ascend Analytics
Eileen Chen, M.S., 2002; Current position: Analyst with Alameda County Water Authority
Larry Cutforth, M.S., 2003; Current position: GIS Coordinator, Wisconsin Farm Service Agency
Brent E. Ewers, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1999-2002; Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming
Thomas W. FitzHugh, M.S., 1996-1999 (Advisor); Current position: GIS Specialist, The Nature Conservancy
Sudeep Samanta, M.S. 2001