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EcoHydrology @ UB
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Global warming is constantly in the news – high temperatures, low lake-levels, big storms, and growing deserts. This four credit course examines past, present and future global warming by considering causes of warming, methods of modeling the future, predicted environmental and social impacts, and possible solutions.

Instructor: Prof. D. Scott Mackay

Syllabus: Forthcoming

Lectures: MWF, 11:00-11:50 PM, Fillmore 170

Required Materials: (1) Textbook & (2) Clicker (

1) Textbook:

Kump, L.R., J.F. Kasting, and R.G. Crane. 2009. The Earth System, Third Edition, Prentice-Hall. ISBN-10: 0321597796

This text is available at the textbook store as well as other sources. An eBook version is available from CourseSmart ( The ISBN for the eBook is 0321681258. Note that the eBook is $49.05 (on May 19, 2010) for a 180 day subscription, and is available in Online or Downloadable versions.

2) Clicker:

UB has adopted clickers from Turning Technologies. They look similar to the picture above. Clickers are available from the textbook store.

Clickers must be registered through UBlearns.

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