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EcoHydrology @ UB
EcoHydrology @ UB

Recent events (e.g., flooding, mudslides, sinkholes, tsunamis) highlight the impact of land forming processes on human societies and socioeconomic systems. With these and other extreme events in mind, this course examines how land surface forming processes interrelate with climate and land use. The course focuses on the role of climate, vegetation, and other factors on landform changing processes. Throughout we examine the role of these processes in extreme events and their affects on humans.

** Satisfies your General Education Depth Requirement **

Instructor: Dr. D. Scott Mackay

Syllabus: Final for Spring 2011

Lectures: T R, 12:30 - 1:50 PM, Fillmore 322

Required Text:
Ritter, D.F., R.C. Kochel, J.R. Miller. 2002. Process Geomorphology, 4th Edition, Waveland Press, Long Grove, Illinois. [ Originally published by McGraw-Hill ]

GEO 101, GLY 104, or permission of instructor

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