Dr. Sankar Arumugam

Columbia University
    120 Monell Building
    International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
    The Earth Institute at Columbia University
    61 Route 9W, Palisades, NY 10964-8000.
    Phone: +1 845-680-4471
    Fax: +1 845-680-4864

Dr. Larry Band

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Department of Geography

Dr.  Bryson Bates CSIRO
     Land & Water
     Private Bag
     Wembley, WA 6014
     work: 61893336330
Dr. Guenter Bloeschl Technical University of Vienna
Dr. Jan Boll University of Idaho
Dr. Doug Boyle Desert Research Inst
     Division Hydrologic Sciences
     2215 Raggio Pkwy
     Reno, NV 89512
Dr. Don Cline Natl Weather Service
     Natl Oper Hydro Remote Sensing Ctr
Dr. Qingyun Duan University of California/LLNL
    P.O. Box 808, L-103
    7000 East Avenue
    Livermore, CA 94551
    Tel: +1-925-422-7704
    Fax: +1-925-422-6388
Dr. Helmut Elsenbeer Institut für Geoökologie
    Universität Potsdam
    Postfach 60 15 53
    D-14415 Potsdam
Dr. Ken Eng USGS
Dr. Brent E. Ewers University of Wyoming
    Department of Botany
Dr. Fritz Fiedler

University of Idaho
    Department of Civil Engineering
    Phone: (208) 885-2980

Dr. Gerald Flerchinger USDA-ARS
Dr. Javier Gonzalez

Universidad Castilla-La Mancha

Dr. David Goodrich David C. Goodrich
   2000 E. Allen Rd.
   Tucson, AZ 85719
   Phone 520-670-6381 ext. 144

   NOTE: Relocated to Phoenix and working
   out of the ARS Water Conservation Lab.
   4331 E. Broadway Road
   Phoenix, AZ 85040
   Phone 602-437-1702 ext. 241

Dr. Rodger Grayson Dept. of Civil Engineering
    Melbourne University
Dr. Hoshin Gupta (Deputy Chair) Univ Arizona
     Hydrology Dept
Dr. Terri S. Hogue

Civil & Environmental Engineering
   5732C Boelter Hall
   Los Angeles, CA 90095-1593
   Phone: 310-794-4239
   Fax: 310-206-2222

Dr. Shreeram Inamdar Great Lakes Center & Geography
   SUNY College at Buffalo
   Buffalo, NY 14222
   Phone: 716-878-6229
   Fax: 716-878-6644
Dr. Jennifer Jacobs

Department of Civil Engineering
    240 Environmental Technology Building
    35 Colovos Road
    University of New Hampshire
    Durham, NH 03824-3534

    603 862-0635 (TEL)
    603 862-3957 (FAX)

Dr. Charles Kroll Environmental Resources and Forest Engineering
Dr. Venkat Lakshmi Department of Geology
    University of  South Carolina
Dr. Upmanu Lall Columbia Univ
     Dept Earth & Environmental Engineering
Dr. Greg Lawrence USGS
Dr. George Leavesly USGS
Dr. Xu Liang University of California at Berkeley
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Charlie Luce USDA
Dr. Scott Mackay (Chair, 2003-2005) University at Buffalo, SUNY
    Department of Geography
    105 Wilkeson Quad., Buffalo, NY 14261
    Phone: 716-645-2722 ext. 64
    Fax: 716-645-2329
Dr. Jeff McDonnell Oregon State University
   Dept of Forest Engineering
   Corvallis, Oregon USA 97331-5706
   Tel: +1-541-737-8720; Lab: -4149; Fax: -4316
Dr. Glenn Moglen University of Maryland
Dr. Brent Newman Los Alamos National Labs
Dr. Bart Nijssen The University of Arizona
Dr. Francisco Olivera Texas A&M University
    Department of Civil Engineering
Dr. Ken Potter Dept. of Civil Engineering
    University of Wisconson
Dr. Jorge Ramirez Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Colorado State University
Dr. Guido Salvucci Department of Geology
    Boston University
Dr. John Schaake NOAA
Dr. Marc Seyfried USDA-ARS
Dr. Siva Sivapalan Center for Water Resources
    University of Western Australia
Dr. Soroosh Sarooshian Univ Arizona
     Dept Hydrology & Water Resource
     J W Harshbarger Bldg
     Tucson, AZ 85721
     work: (520)621-1661
     facsimile: (520)621-1422
Dr. Everett Springer Los Alamos National Labs
Dr. Marc Stieglitz Columbia University
Dr. David Tarboton Utah State Univ
     Civil & Environmental Eng
     4110 Old Main Hill
     Logan, UT 84322-4110
     work: (435)797-3172
     facsimile: 4357973663
Dr. Peter Troch Wageningen Univ/Sub-Dept Water Resources
     Hydrology & Water Management Group
    Nieuwe Kanaal 11
     Wageningen, 6709 AP
     work: 31 317 48 27 78
     facsimile: 32 317 48 48 85
Dr. Juan Valdes Dept. of Civil Engineering
    University of Arizona
Dr. Baxter Vieux School of Engineering and Environmental Science
    Oklahoma University
Dr. Thorsten Wagener Civil and Environmental Engineering
    226B Sackett Bldg.
    The Pennsylvania State University
    University Park, PA 16802
    T. 1.814.865.5673
    F. 1.814.863.7304
Dr. Markus Weiler Departments of Forest Resources Management and Geography
    University of British Columbia
    2037-2424 Main Mall
    Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 Canada
    Tel: 604 822 3169
Dr. Brad Wilcox Department of Range Science
    Texas A&M
Dr. Larry Winter UCAR
Dr. David Wolock USGS
Dr. Ross Woods NIWA
     Box 8602
     10 Kyle Street
     New Zealand
     work: 64-3-3488987
     facsimile: 64-3-3485548